Sunsoar Birmans

Specialising in Tabby Point Birmans and Introducing Red Series

ACF AoE Ruby DGC Sunsoar Galahad

Amoenta Jetsetter X Sunsoar Athena Rose
Seal Tabby Point Neuter
Breeder Greg & Jenny Weekes

We always assumed that when Galahad reached the end of his breeding career we would find him a pet home where he was the only cat. Clearly he had other ideas. As a stud he was a big sprayer and the first time we let him in the house we followed him around to make sure he wouldn't mark his territory. That was very stressful for all concerned so we decided to just leave him be and to see what he would do and he made himself at home and has never left.



Galahad has no concept of personal space and believes that every cat wants to be groomed by him. Rose does not agree but they have settled into a relationship like an old married couple and we refer to them as Guns'n'Roses as they are never far apart.


Upon her return to Australia, Rose and her daughter Athena Rose started our current generation of Sunsoar Tabby Birmans. Three of her daughters were send to Europe for breeding. Rose continued her show career on and achieved some Best in Show results but actually prefers to be at home where she is boss.